EBC Thought Leaders Webinar

4/17/2019, 04:00PM - 05:00PM (GMT-08:00) Pacific Standard Time (America/Los_Angeles)

EBC Thought Leaders Webinar:  Using Archetypal Imagery to Access Deep Wisdom in Coaching Clients

Coaches are often called to help clients solve a problem.  For example, a boss who can’t communicate, or an employee whose colleague puts them down in a meeting, or even a spouse who won’t listen.  Coaches have tools to help clients solve these problems; however, once in a while there is a feeling or hunch that something deeper might help a client break out of a pattern by using their inner wisdom. Using the tool of archetypal imagery, coaches can activate clients’ potential of inner insight. An archetype is an energy pattern that conveys a primary characteristic and when visualized it almost magically opens the mind, giving a channel for insight to pop into awareness.  Annabelle’s previous coaching clients report feeling calmer, clearer, energized, and more connected to spiritual purpose through archetypal imagery. Join the webinar and experience Annabelle’s innovative methods of storytelling and visualizing an archetype for presence and awareness.

Hosted by Terry H. Hildebrandt, PhD, MCC, MCEC, Director of Evidence Based Coaching, Fielding Graduate University
Guest Speaker: 
Annabelle Nelson, PhD, Author, Professor, Storyteller, Thought Leader in Wisdom-http://annabellenelson.com/about/

Annabelle Nelson, PhD is a professor, author, researcher, and dynamic speaker. Nelson is now a professor at Fielding Graduate University. She has presented at many international and U.S. conferences, completed a Fulbright in India and published five books and many journal articles. This experience gives Nelson the expertise to create transformational learning in teaching and coaching to tap deep wisdom.  Her innovative and effective imagery technique is documented in Archetypal imagery and the spirit self: techniques for coaches and therapists, 2014, published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers. Social service has been integral to Nelson’ career. Her commitment to child advocacy has led her to create a nonprofit, the WHEEL Council (Wholistic, Health, Education and Empowerment for Life, www.wheelocoucil.org) which creates storytelling curriculum to empower youth with their unique wisdom.  See http://annabellenelson.com/about/

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